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  • For Children 3+ Age
  • Set of 28 cubes
  • Wood type: Douglas Fir
  • 1.5 Inches Cube
  • Organic Finish
  • Child Safe Material
  • Rounded Edges
  • Total Weight with Packing : 1 Kg



🎁 Educational Fun: Our Arabic Language Learning Wooden Toy Cubes are designed to provide an enjoyable learning experience for kids. Each cube represents a letter or Arabic word and features illustrations to engage young minds.


✅ Arabic Alphabet Mastery: These toy cubes are a fantastic tool for introducing children to the Arabic alphabet. They make it easy for kids to become familiar with the script, aiding in early literacy development.


🔤 Vocabulary Building: In addition to letters, these cubes also showcase common Arabic words with corresponding images. This helps kids expand their vocabulary while associating words with their visual representations.


👆 Hands-On Learning: The wooden cubes are not just for looking at – they encourage hands-on exploration. Children can stack, arrange, and line up the cubes, which enhances fine motor skills and promotes tactile learning.


🔐Durable and Safe: Our toy cubes are made from child-friendly, durable materials that can withstand rough play. Safety is a top priority, so parents can trust that their children are playing with a secure and non-toxic educational toy.


🕋 Learning the Deen: Learning the Arabic language is the doorway to understanding the Quran and Sunnah. These cubes offer an introduction to the Arabic language, fostering the love of the language of our beloved Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.


📝 Versatile Learning: Whether your child is just starting their Arabic language journey or is already familiar with the basics, these cubes provide a versatile learning tool that adapts to different skill levels.


💵 Long-Lasting Investment: These wooden cubes are built to last, making them a valuable educational resource that can be passed down through generations.


🧸 Engaging for All Ages: While designed for kids, these toy cubes can also be enjoyed by the whole family. They're a great way for parents to join in and support their child's language learning journey.

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