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Sunnah Conscious

Arabic Harkaat Blocks

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  • For Children 3+ Age
  • Set of 28 Blocks
  • Wood type: Douglas Fir
  • 3x3 Inches Blocks
  • Organic Finish
  • Child Safe Material
  • Rounded Edges
  • Total Weight with Packing : 2 Kg



✅ Harkaat Learning Fun: Our Arabic Alphabet Harkaat Wooden Kids Toy Blocks are the perfect tool to make learning Arabic Harkaat enjoyable and engaging for children.


👍Pronunciation Mastery: These wooden blocks focus specifically on pronouncing Arabic letters correctly, helping kids understand the essential components of Arabic phonetics. Learning Harkaat is a critical step in Arabic language proficiency.


🚦Visual and Tactile Learning: The blocks feature clear representations of Haroof, making it easier for kids to associate the symbol with its corresponding sound. The tactile experience of holding and arranging the blocks further reinforces learning.


🔤 Language Foundation: Learning Harkaat is fundamental to Arabic language acquisition. These toy blocks provide a strong foundation for children to build their Arabic language skills upon.


🧸 Durable and Child-Safe: Safety is paramount. Our wooden blocks are made from safe and durable materials, ensuring that they can withstand everyday play and exploration.


🎁Versatile Educational Tool: Whether your child is starting their Arabic language journey or is already familiar with the alphabet, these blocks accommodate various skill levels and support ongoing language development.


👆 Interactive Learning: Encourage children to interact with the blocks by arranging them in different combinations, helping them understand how Harkaat affect the pronunciation of Arabic words. 


🔐Multisensory Experience: These blocks offer a multisensory learning experience, engaging children through touch, sight, and sound as they explore the Arabic language.


🤝Family Learning: These blocks are designed to involve the whole family in the learning process. Parents can participate and assist their children in mastering the intricacies of Arabic.

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